Venoso is a one-time character, a monster and the main villain of the episode, Lovespell from the Underworld from the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.


She is a mutated chameleon-like monster, (which she was the first monster that Martin ever caught) and was out for revenge with her cunning and sadistic nature.

Physical Appearance

In her true form of a chameleon-like mutant, she is slender with orange and golden-yellow fur-like scales with Bengal tiger-like stripes and a tail, five-fingered hand-like digits, five-toed feet-like digits. One her face, she has a brown frilled lizard-like frill, blood-red eyes with black iris and orange lips.

Disguising herself in her human form as Vivian Michelle as a "transfer student", she has long dark mahogany brown hair, fair skin, thin mahogany eyebrows, dark teal eyes, and pale pink lips. Also, she wears a white collared long-sleeved shirt, olive green vest with a dark olive green border, light denim pants with a brown belt and red and white tennis shoes.

Powers and Abilities

As a true chameleon-like humanoid mutant, Venoso has a broad variety of numerous powers. The only extent of her abilities is never explored, but she was the "ultimate chameleon" that Martin and the gang have first faced and encountered.

  • Shapeshifting: Her primary ability is to change her shape. Like a normal chameleon, she can take the color of her environment, making her invisible. She can also change her shape to look like whoever she wants to, like M.O.M, Vivian Michelle, and even Martin himself.