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  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is Animation Student
Werewolf Martin


About Me

Editing empty/incomplete pages interests me. It almost saddens me that there is not much content in this wikia. So, I decided to help out on my spare time after college. :D

Sometimes when I'm editing any pages late at night, I tend to make a few mistakes in there that I won't notice till the next day. I apologize beforehand if that happens. (-﹏-。)

I'm quite friendly when talking to any users, but there are times that my verbalization skill fails me and I end up saying something confusing. I don't use emoticons a lot. So, I might sound too serious/sarcastic/rude with or without using them... :c

Pages and things on my to-do list.

  • Character Pages
    • Article Format
    • Categories
    • Character Navbox
  • Episodes Pages
    • Article Format
    • Add/Upload Titlecards
    • Episode Navbox
  • Maintain Diana Lombard Bot.
  • Adding decorations to the Wiki
  • Attributing facts from outside sources
  • Upload episode screenshots for each episodes in the Synopsis Section
  • Merging five inactive Martin Mystery Wikis

Personal Workspace


  • I like orange; the fruit and the color.
  • Thinks that small lizards are adorable and awesome.
  • Currently learning how to read and write French, Polish, Japanese, and Russian.

Contact Me

If you need any assistance and/or want to talk to me about any wiki-related subjects, you can contact me through email, at the LoliRock Wiki, or at Community Central.

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