The Ultimate Monster is a one-time character, a secondary villain and the final monster of the second part of the episode, It's Alive, from the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.


He is a 30-foot hybrid beast who was Octavia's huge pet after Diana (Paine's former "companion") has captured various monsters and sent them to the CIHL (Creature Intelligence Hybrid Laboratory).


The beast's personality was usually described as evil, aggressive, destructive, dangerous, and powerful.

Physical Appearance

Describing the Ultimate Monster's appearance, he was a huge, (which he was exactly 30 feet tall (like a 3-story building)), and muscular mutant which after Diana (Paine's former "companion") has captured various monsters which it was supposed to be "particularly Martin's", and sent them to the CIHL (Creature Intelligence Hybrid Laboratory).

The beast has olive green scale-like skin on his face, shoulders with red triangular tattoo designs, and on his knees, light olive-green skin on his arms and outer parts of his legs. On the back, he has a lizard-like tail with tattoo designs and a fish-scale-like point. On his face, he has two catfish-like barbels, two dark red fish-like points, jaws and sharp teeth on his mouth, eight blood-red alien-like eyes, a dark red center tattoo design, brown hair and a fish-like fin on the back.

Also, he has brown fur-filled hands with dark grey fingernail-like claws and brown fur-filled sock-like legs with dark grey toenail-like claws on his feet.


For the ultimate monster that has every creatures ability it has a weakness two to be precise flour when it goes invisible, silver since it has a DNA of a werewolf who hates silver and it has very sensitive hearings so loud noises could make it cover its ears.