Totally Mystery Much? is a crossover special and the fourteenth episode from the fifth season of the animated series, Totally Spies!.


Scientists make a startling discovery in the Antarctic, a Yeti-like snow creature frozen in a block of ice! Meanwhile, Jerry informs Sam, Clover and Alex that there have been reports of a strange being terrorizing a posh ski resort. When they arrive to investigate the luxurious place, they find that they aren't the only ones on the case until they meet Martin Mystery, a teenage paranormal investigator working for the Center – an organization much like WOOHP!

In the b-story, Clover is annoyed because the nerds get a crush on her, Sam discovers she looks like Martin's sister, Diana, and Alex falls for Martin.


Gadgets Used (Martin Mystery)


  • Turbo Bungee
  • Slime Scan
  • I-Cutter
  • X-Rod


  • This is a crossover between "Totally Spies!" and "Martin Mystery".
  • This is the first official Martin Mystery appearance in "Totally Spies!". A character resembling him appeared in the episode "Super Agent Much?", although he only made a cameo appearance as a student along with characters resembling Diana, Marvin and Jenni. In his previous appearance, Martin does not wear his trademark jacket.
  • Despite being a crossover, Martin and M.O.M. are the only characters from the original series that appear in this episode.
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