The Neurological Interrupter is a high-tech device that only appear once in Martin Mystery in the episode The Body Swapper.


The Neurological Interrupter is a small handheld device that allow the user to releash a small but powerful shock to anyone the user aim at.


The Neurological Interrupter was first introduce when M.O.M use it to Shock Martin as a test run and explain how it works. As Martin, Java and Diana were about to go on their mission, Diana stole the device and constantly use it on Martin, such as when he was free flying from the sky, when he stole her gloves and one time she did it for her enjoyment. During they encounter with the body swapper, who took over Martin's body, Diana thought of using the device to stop the creature, unfortunately instead of harming it, it gave it enough power to attack without a host body.

Near the end after the creature was frozen, Martin stole back The Neurological Interrupter and used it on Diana for payback, then handed it back to M.O.M. After that it was never seen again.

List of Victims

  • Martin Mystery (Mostly)
  • Diana


  • As it is hinted by M.O.M, The Neurological Interrupter has no reach limit to shock someone.
  • this device is known among fan as the the gadget that made Diana into a minor antagonist.