The House of Zombies is the twelfth episode of the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on November 3, 2005.


M.O.M. takes Martin, Java, Billy and Diana on a camping trip. A storm unleashes and they're forced to take shelter on a creepy, mysterious and abandoned cabin in the woods. What they don't know is that the cabin was built by a man for Clarissa, the girl he loved but she didn't love him back.

Throughout the night Mom, Java, Billy and Diana become possessed by the spirit. Will Martin be able to save his possessed friends or will he become a new victim for the grievous man?




  • Clarissa (on a picture frame, destroyed in the fire)
  • Ranger Patty Preston


  • Spirit of the House Builder
  • Zombified M.O.M, Java, Billy, Diana & Travelers (formerly)

Gadgets Used


  • Alpha Goggles
  • I-Cutter
  • U-Shield


  • This episode is an homage (or remake) of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead".