MOM posessed by the Gateway.

The gateway creatures are monster found inside a gateway in the moutains of Tibet. The Gateway as M.O.M explains is a connection between our world and the Underworld. The creatures have different sizes and forms but all draw their power from the pool inside the mountain. ( Except the person who weilds the key who can animate the gateway creatures from their sleep and who have energy abilities.) These creatures also act under the control of the Gatekeeper or the one who holds the key to the gateway. The most note worthy are a Lake monster, Possessed M.O.M, Gatekeeper, Winged monster. Most of the monsters before being activated are drawings onthe gateways moutain walls. As of They Came From The Gateway Part 2 all the monsters were sealed back in the cave.(Note: The Gatekeeper at the end of part two appears in M.O.M's office and steals the key to the Gateway then vanishes.)