Los hijos son una familia de tres, consisten en un padre, una madre y una hija. Aparecieron como antagonistas de apoyo en el episodio Misterio de la desaparición .


The Applebys was once a happy family who lived in the 1960s. However one day when they took a train ride on the Eloise, all three along with other passengers were teleported to an alternate Paradise universe where they would encounter Zook. However they made a deal that in exchange for letting them live without aging, they would help him by tricking people who also are teleport to this place and giving them their life force to Zook. When Martin,Java and Diana are teleport into the alternate universe, they encountered the Applebys, who invited them to dinner, during which Martin gain a crush on the daughter. After feeding them dinner, The Appleby's manage to put Martin and the others to sleep and place them in a guest room, only to be discovered about of them being from 1962 from Martin Java and Diana. They were later spotted outside when they took the train conductor who disappeared eariler. Later when they were speaking to Zook, they discovered the others and started chasing them and manage to take out Diana with an egg beater, and Java with a frying pan. But unable to defeat Martin with an egg roller they managed to tie him up. They later left Martin and the others too Zook while they go get pie.