Sock Gnomes are monsters, one-time, short-appearance characters and villains of the episode, Attack of the Slime People from the second season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.


Physical Appearance

The Sock Gnomes are short and alien-like with ground-like brown skin, five strands of hair, human-like hands, slime-like teeth on their mouths, two-toed feet, troll-like ears, blood-red almond eyes on their faces, two eyes on their arms and two eyes on their knees.

Role in the episode

At Torrington Academy, when Martin was talking to Diana about his socks that are "disappearing quicker than the Amazon Rainforest" which he was down to his last one (one being lost on the left and the other one on the right), his theory was described as their socks were being devoured by the "cannibalistic" sock gnomes which was being the start of the "sock gnome invasion".