The Sandman is a one-time character, a monster and the main villain of the episode, Attack of the Sandman, from the first season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.


The Sandman is a being that exists within the realm of dreams and resembles a humanoid created out of semi-solid sand.

Role in the episode

In the episode, Attack of the Sandman, The Sandman was accidentally released into the real world by a professor, Dr. Marcus Hanlon who was doing experiments on dreams. Once released, he proceeded to run amok at a nearby university in Vancouver, trapping people within nightmares including Carrie Hunter.

Eventually, Martin, Diana and Java, after venturing into the Sandman's realm, managed to neutralize him by trapping it between the dream world and the real world. He was last seen struggling to escape from the computer it had tried to use as portal to bring its physical form to the real world and also taken to the Center.

Powers and Abilities

The Sandman possesses various abilities, such as summoning sandstorms and manipulating lightning. The Sandman's most prominent ability though, is its ability to secrete sand, which can trap creatures in eternal nightmares. How the Sandman came into existence is unknown, but it seems to be a being essential part to the universe, as it causes creatures to experience nightmares.


  • Due to his ability of attacking people through their dreams (and being trapped between the "real" and "dream" worlds), The Sandman is an obvious reference to Freddy Krueger.