Polly Potswagal is a cafeteria worker at Torrington Academy and one of the major characters of the episode, The Creeping Slime from the first season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.



Her personality was usually described as beautiful, sweet, sensitive, lovely, kind and hard-working to Java (which Martin teaches him how to impress her) as a cafeteria cook.

Physical Appearance

Polly's appearance was shown as beautiful and slender with fair skin, pink lips, black thin eyebrows, and teal green eyes. Also, she was a pink dress with a white collar and borders on her short sleeves, a white apron, and purple shoes with white socks.

Role in the episode

In the cafeteria at Torrington Academy when Martin and Diana are in line to get their lunch along with Java working in the counter, the trio sees Polly with her beautiful smile and he blushes which he has his eye on her. As Martin says to Java about asking her out on a date, she says he's out of "Thursday Surprise" to him and he says to her, "Din-ner". But also, she walks off into the kitchen to have the chef prepare and bring Java some more and he sadly and depressingly sighs.