Olivia is a one-time character, a maid in Fantastic Island and one of the major characters of the episode, Zombie Island from the second season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.


She is a maid who was forced to give her life to the master Hexan, who was turned into a zombie.


Olivia is frightened and scared at first when Roache was hard on her. Now at night, she was happy, when she was hypnotized for the staff meeting, along with Roache, who was the leader of the worshipers, which was usually known as a "baptism ceremony" for the villainous monster servant, Hexan.

Role in the episode

In the episode, Olivia was used to be frightened and scared at first when Roache, the assistant manger was hard on her for not being already made up for Martin, Diana, Java as guests of the hotel, Fantastic Island.

At night, she now attends a weekly staff meeting, usually known as a "baptism ceremony" and then turns into a Hexan worshiper. Olivia starts to accept that she will now serve the master, and says: "True servant Hexan, my master. True servant master, true servant master."

Also, she was restored to her human self again after Hexan was defeated and turned to dust by Martin and the gang.