Mystery of Teen Town is the second episode of the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on January 5, 2005.


When Martin and Diana take a class trip to the Math Museum, their bus breaks down. They quickly realize the town they've landed in is only inhabited by teenagers. At first they (and their friends) think it's totally cool... until Java goes missing and Martin gets a strange instant message begging him for help!


A teen named Damien in Mapleton, finds a website, Creeping Revelations that is inhabited by an evil alien named Vargos. Damian, his friends, Martin and the gang, and some other teenagers are all that remain. People who are older than 18 are sacrificed and digitized as energy for the evil alien. Java is captured by Damien and his friends and they suspect Martin and Diana of getting too close to finding out what they are doing so they try to sacrifice them as well but they escape.

After that, Martin and Diana meets the Resistance led by Damien's sister, Haley who helps them fight the now mutated Damian and Vargos. Martin goes to distract Damian while Haley and Diana disable the website. The mutated Damian goes after his sister but Diana tries to save Haley and gets digitized so Haley can finish deleting the website. Vargos himself appears to defeat them but Martin tricks him and is sent back into the computer and everyone that was taken was returned.





  • Lester
  • Haley
  • Damian (currently at the end)
  • The Resistance


  • Vargos
  • Damian (formerly)

Gadgets Used


  • Turbo-Bungee
  • I-Cutter