Martin Mystery: Monster Invasion is an European, adventure, exploration and action platform video game based on the 2003-2006 animated series, Martin Mystery and also developed and published by Ubisoft, OUAT Entertainment and Marathon Media (currently as Zodiak Kids Studios) for the Nintendo DS system.

Game Synopsis

This morning, a computer bug has resulted in the opening of numerous dimensional gates in the buildings monitored by The Center. Unidentified creatures and monsters have slipped inside and the alarm has been raised. Now it is up to the agents in the field to deal with them. Also, Martin and his team, including Diana and Java are going to handle it!

Game Features

  • An Exploration/Action game with an exceptional life span (8 hours)
  • 15 missions with 6 different types of environment (Torrington Academy, Cavern, Temple, Old Manor House, New Building and Extra-terrestrial)
  • 8 types of monsters and 15 bosses (Zombies, Wizard, Specter, Mutant…)
  • 10 types of mini-games (Battle against monsters, Lock-picking, Assembling…)
  • Stylus driven: Navigation via the touch screen.
  • Character Recognition

Characters Featured