AlexandraAlfredo CastelliAll I Want for X-mas
All I Want for X-mas/TranscriptAlpha-OmegansAmanda Robinson
AntonioAttack of the Evil RoommateAttack of the Evil Roommate/Transcript
Attack of the Lawn GnomesAttack of the Lawn Gnomes/TranscriptAttack of the Mothman
Attack of the Mothman/TranscriptAttack of the SandmanAttack of the Sandman/Transcript
Attack of the Slime PeopleAttack of the Slime People/TranscriptAunt Tamson
Beast from WithinBeast from Within/TranscriptBeatrice
Billy/HistoryBlack SpiritBody-Swapper
Captain BloodCarlinChaos Beast
Christmas Demons of the Snow GlobeCliffordClover
Crypt of the DjiniCrypt of the Djini/TranscriptCurse of the Deep
Curse of the Looking GlassCurse of the Looking Glass/TranscriptCurse of the Necklace
Curse of the Necklace/TranscriptCurse of the Six-String SerenadeCurse of the Six-String Serenade/Transcript
Cursed GuitarDale WilsonDarla Simmons
David MichelDay of the Shadows: Part 1Day of the Shadows: Part 1/Transcript
Day of the Shadows: Part 2Day of the Shadows: Part 2/TranscriptDiana Lombard
Diana Lombard/GalleryDiana Lombard/HistoryDjini
DoppelgangerDr. DolphusDr. Green
EmmaEnchanted TypewriterEternal Christmas
Eternal Christmas/TranscriptFreeform AliensFright from the Ice
Fright from the Ice/TranscriptGastromoGerard Mystery
Germs from BeyondGerms from Beyond/TranscriptHairier and Scarier
Hairier and Scarier/TranscriptHaunting of the BlackwaterHaunting of the Blackwater/Transcript
HexanHunter BarringtonIcetopis
It's Alive: Part 1It's Alive: Part 1/TranscriptIt's Alive: Part 2
It's Alive: Part 2/TranscriptIt Came from Inside the BoxIt Came from Inside the Box/Transcript
It Came from the BogIt Came from the Bog/TranscriptJane
Jenni AndersonJenni Anderson/GalleryJett
Jingle JimJourney into TerrorlandJourney into Terrorland/Transcript
Kelly SheridanLeviathanList of Martin Mystery episodes
Love MonstersLovespell from the UnderworldLovespell from the Underworld/Transcript
Mark of the ShapeshifterMartin MysteryMartin Mystery/Gallery
Martin Mystery: Monster InvasionMartin Mystery (character)Martin Mystery (character)/History
Martin Mystery The MovieMartin Mystery WikiMarvin
Marvin/GalleryMatt HillMichael Donovan
Michelle DuboisMonster Movie MayhemMonster Movie Mayhem/Transcript
Montgomery StokesMorcan the WarlockMothman
Mr. McDormandMr. RoacheMutated Insect Queen
Mutated MeganeuraMystery of Teen TownMystery of Teen Town/Transcript
Mystery of the Hole CreatureMystery of the Hole Creature/TranscriptMystery of the Vanishing
Mystery of the Vanishing/TranscriptNaduNazca Aliens
Nicolas VergnaudNight of the ScarecrowNight of the Scarecrow/Transcript
Nightmare of the CovenNightmare of the Coven/TranscriptOctavia Paine
OliviaOonaPhantom Werewolf
Philus BlackwaterPilot EpisodePirates of Doom
Pirates of Doom/TranscriptPolly PotswagalPrindella Grizzwalda Dorey
Rage of the LeprechaunRage of the Leprechaun/TranscriptRat Man
Return of the Dark DruidReturn of the Dark Druid/TranscriptReturn of the Djini
Return of the Djini/TranscriptReturn of the Imaginary FriendReturn of the Imaginary Friend/Transcript
Revenge of the DoppelgangerRevenge of the Doppelganger/TranscriptRise of the Sea Mutants
Rise of the Sea Mutants/TranscriptRise of the Secret SocietyRise of the Secret Society/Transcript
SadieSamanthaSamuel Vincent
SandmanSaurosScream from the Forest
Scream from the Forest/TranscriptShriek from BeyondShriek from Beyond/Transcript
Simone de BastienSirenSock Gnomes
Summer Camp NightmareSummer Camp Nightmare/TranscriptSynths
Tabitha St. GermainTale of the Enchanted KeysTale of the Enchanted Keys/Transcript
TeddyTerror from the SkyTerror from the Sky/Transcript
Teryl RotheryThe Amazon VaporThe Amazon Vapor/Transcript
The ApplebyesThe ApplebysThe Awakening
The Awakening/TranscriptThe Body-SwapperThe Body-Swapper/Transcript
The BogeymanThe CenterThe Creeping Slime
The Creeping Slime/TranscriptThe Dark DruidThe Gateway Creatures
The House of ZombiesThe House of Zombies/TranscriptThe Lost Tribe
The Lost Tribe/TranscriptThe Neurological InterrupterThe Return of the Beasts
The Return of the Beasts/TranscriptThe ScarecrowThe Sewer Thing
The Sewer Thing/TranscriptThe Third EyeThe Third Eye/Transcript
The Vampire ReturnsThe Vampire Returns/TranscriptThe Warlock Returns
The Warlock Returns/TranscriptThey Came From Outer Space Part 2/TranscriptThey Came from Outer Space: Part 1
They Came from Outer Space: Part 1/TranscriptThey Came from Outer Space: Part 2They Came from the Gateway: Part 1
They Came from the Gateway: Part 1/TranscriptThey Came from the Gateway: Part 2They Came from the Gateway: Part 2/Transcript
They Lurk BeneathThey Lurk Beneath/TranscriptTorrington Academy
Totally Mystery Much?Totally Mystery Much?/TranscriptU-Watch
Ultimate MonsterVenosoVincent Chalvon-Demersay
Web of the Spider CreatureWeb of the Spider Creature/TranscriptWendaloo
WerewolvesWrath of the Torrington WormWrath of the Torrington Worm/Transcript
Wrath of the Venus FlytrapWrath of the Venus Flytrap/TranscriptWu-Long
You Do VoodooYou Do Voodoo/TranscriptZombie Island
Zombie Island/TranscriptZookZowie Quinn
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