Java (known as Java the Caveman in a full name) is a character, a worker at Torrington Academy, a paranormal investigator for The Center, Martin's best friend, an aide-de-camp to Diana and Martin and the tritagonist of the animated series, Martin Mystery. He is voiced by Dale Wilson.


Java, the 200,000-year-old caveman, is of the Neanderthal subspecies and is friends with both Martin and Diana. He works at Torrington as a cook and a janitor. However, Java assists Martin and Diana in their investigations, serving as the team's tracker. His brute strength proves useful when battling monstrous foes or breaking through barriers.


Java's appearance was tall and muscular with black hair, tan-brown skin, dark-brown eyes and hairy arms. His main outfit (in most episodes) which he wears is an orange collared shirt and dark navy blue pants with black shoes. Also, he wears a necklace with a silver-shark tooth.


Even though he is a lover of lizards and spiders, Java fears cats, heights, and technology (his fear of technology being a running gag in the show). As a caveman and the member in the trio who speaks the least, his English is on a fairly simplistic level (e.g. "What that?", "Diana bald", and "Java no like this place"). Besides that, Java has a knack for thinking "outside the box", which greatly helps in the team's investigations.

Java is a significant source of comedy in the show due to his reactions to various scenarios and his poor hygiene as a caveman (e.g. his offensive foot odor, stinky armpits, and filthy breath). Java is sometimes the victim of the paranormal, including being transformed into a monster, such as when he inhales the Chaos Beast in its gas form, or brainwashed by a pirate-controlled Martin. Also, Diana once had to give Java a foot massage after losing a bet to Martin.


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  • Though he was created using a geode along with numerous dinosaurs, he did not dissolve into sludge like the dinosaurs when it was destroyed.
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