Hexan is a one-time character, a monster and the main villain of the episode, Zombie Island from the second season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.


In the episode, most people consider Hexan a god, or idol, since the zombies are the Hexan worshipers. They bow down and worship him so they will not kill them. The priest baptizes people into worshiping his master Hexan.

Physical appearance

Hexan appeared as an undead legendary sea creature that had came from the Yellow Tide and his appearance described as a 15 foot tall eye-less monster with dill-yellow skin with tan spots on it's arms, back of it's face and legs, tree branch-like nails on it's fingers and sharp teeth on it's mouth.

Role in the episode

Martin, Diana and Java are sent to investigate a series of disappearances on Fantastic Island, an island resort near the French West Indies. They are suspicious of the hotel manager, Roache and their suspicions are confirmed by a new employee to the resort, Olivia. She explains to them that guests have been disappearing and those that do not disappear lose their will to do anything. Before she is called away, she tells them to check out Yellow Tide Beach.

Night falls and the gang proceeds to Yellow Tide Beach. They chance upon zombie looking creatures that resemble the hotel staff. They follow the employees and find the hotel manager completing some sort of ceremony. The Yellow Tide comes in and Hexan is revealed. When Olivia starts to accept her fate as a follower and servant of Hexan, she says: "True servant Hexan, my master."

Martin and Java send a rock tumbling down, blocking Hexan from water. The Yellow Tide is washed away and Hexan turns to dust. His remains are collected and locked away in the Center.