Hairier and Scarier is the seventh episode of the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on September 6, 2005.


While Martin is at the Center cleaning out cages in the Creature Containment Facility (a "mission" M.O.M. has bestowed upon him), he is scratched by the Phantom Werewolf.


Martin uses Center technology to catch girls and gets in trouble for it by M.O.M. and has to clean cages as punishment. Martin decides to do the "empty" cage first and starts to clean it but a werewolf is actually in the cage. Martin and the werewolf struggle for a while but then Martin gets loose and gets out of the cage but gets scratched in the process. He begins to have side effects such as a longing for food next itchiness due to sped up hair growth then sensitivity to certain sounds and increased smell distance.

After this several students go missing and then Martin and Diana find out about it. Next Martin starts to figure things out while Diana rushes to Java to see if he has seen Martin. Then Diana and Java investigate Martin's room and find some things that lead them to think that Martin is hiding a creature. Diana and Java then see something dragging a person outside from a window and start to go after it but then find out that martin is a werewolf. Diana and Java try to help Martin but he refuses saying that he doesn't want to be caged up like those creatures at the center and says he will "go somewhere he can't hurt people" and runs off but before he can get to far Diana puts a tracer on him without Martin knowing.

Diana and Java then talk to M.O.M. and tell her that Martin is a werewolf and M.O.M. lets them know that the alpha wolf escaped from the Center. Java and Diana then start to follow Martin and eventually find his footprints leading into a cave they all tell Martin of the werewolf hunting all the alpha males in the area. The werewolf then comes in on them and Martin and the werewolf fight with a little help from Diana and Java. They all end up trapping the werewolf in a cage. Then everything goes back to normal but Martin is still a werewolf and tries to take the cure but instead ends up drinking Diana's hair growth serum instead.




  • Betty
  • Maria
  • Brad Bradford
  • Louise
  • Luke
  • Chip


  • Phantom Werewolf
  • Werewolf Martin (formerly)
  • Werewolf students

Gadgets Used


  • Virtual Tracer
  • X-Rod