Germs from Beyond is the twelfth episode of the second season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on October 21, 2004.


While sick with a mysterious illness, Martin, Java & Diana are quarantined in the Center's medical wing and reminisce about their past adventures. Due to a misunderstanding they think M.O.M. has decided to terminate them before they can spread the sickness and flee deeper into the Center unaware that the real cause of the alarm is that the Boogeyman has escaped and they're heading right for him!


The gang is quarantined by a mysterious illness at The Center and M.O.M. wanted to terminate the gang before they spread the sickness. As of now, they are trapped in the medical center. However, the real problem is that the Bogeyman has escaped and been the one that cause the false alarm. The Bogeyman is heading in to the Center and the agents have no idea!





  • The Center's Agents


Gadgets Used


  • X-Rod



  • Zodiak Kids' initial episode guide called this one "Clip Show" and that's what it is with clips from every episode including the two-part episode, They Came from the Gateway which is a bit weird because chronologically this episode has to happen before They Came from the Gateway since M.O.M. shut down the Center at the end of that one.
    • When Martin was talking about how Java rescued them every time with his muscles in the flashback, you can see a part of the second part of They Came from the Gateway of the season where the Gatekeeper grabs Martin's leg and Java saved him before he and the Gatekeeper were sucked into the portal.