Enchanted Typewriter
The Enchanted Typewriter is a fictional typwriter in the Martin Mystery series. It appeared in the episode , Tales of The Enchanted Keys. The typewriter was in the hands of a famous writer called Evan Prince. During an autograph signing Prince bumps into Martin who says hes a big fan and is interested in the typewriter. Later it is shown that books he has wrote in the past have come to life! When Martin gets the typewriter he writes three stories about a Mad Marionette, Zombie Dog, and a Melevolent Psycho Clown. When going back to investigate Diana gets captured by Giant Bees. when Martin finds the hive, he discovers Evan Prince and is told that the typewriter not only brings stories written on it to life but becomes owned by whoever shows interest in it,stories can only be ritten on it by the owner. Rushing back to the acdemy Martin sees that his creatures have been running a muck. Martin ,Java ,billy Diana and Evan run to the woods to escapthe creatures. Diana claims shes interested in the typewriter and it comes to her, she writes that a Giant monster eating exploding tree eats the clown,marionette,and dog. The typewriter is later taken by the Center