Emma is a character from Martin Mystery. She appears in the episode Return of the Imaginary Friend


When Emma was young, her parents would always move from town to town, which left Emma friendless. Until she had an imaginary friend name Teddy, who took the form of a stuffed teddy bear. However after her parents settled in doorchester, Emma befriended three girls, one of them named Debby Clark, with her new friends Emma decide to put away Teddy for good, But when they got to high school, Debby joined the soccer team and spent less time with Emma, causing her to be alone again.

After playing a single game of tennis by yourself, Emma is reunited with Teddy, who granted her wish for everything to be just like before, and to do that he captured Debby and the others and turn them into small plush toys, where Emma put them in a the same Toy Box she placed Teddy in.

At first she liked the idea of her friends back together with her as plush toy but at time she didn't like the idea and wanted Teddy to change the back, unfortunately for her Teddy refuse and attempted to turn her into a plush toy, luckily Martin, Java and Diana arrived just in time to save her, but instead Diana was turn into a plush toy. After hiding in another room and Emma explaining her backstory, Martin discovered that Teddy was brought back because Emma's old friends left her.

The only way for him to be gone for good is for her to make new friends, which she said how could she make new friends if she is trapped in another room with Teddy trying to break in, then realize that Martin & Java could be her new friends, but since she's Rusty in making friends Martin came up with the idea of them play musical chairs, in which after she beat Martin and made friends with both of them, caused the toy box to suck all the Childhood momentum Teddy brought, But when Teddy refuse to go back, Emma used her tennis racket and send Teddy back into the box,disappearing forever and transform Diana Debby and the others back to their human form, in which after she apologized, Debby agreed to start over and befriend Emma again.


  • Emma is one of the few high school girls in the series not to wear lipstick as her lips are shown to be plain.
  • In a psychological view in the show, Emma is a representation of older teens or young adults who wish to relive their young lives that make them happy.