Dr. Reginald Green is a one-time character and the main sole villain and antagonist of the episode, Mystery of the Hole Creature from the first season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.



Green is portrayed as a simple antagonistic scientist. There is nothing very unique about his character or his personality, but however, he is evil, ruthless, villainous, deranged, collected, calm, calculated, and greedy for "gold".

Physical Appearance

Dr. Green is slender with a bald head with five strands of hair and brown hair on the sides of his ears. Also, he wears a white lab-like business suit-jacket with a slate-blue collared shirt, dark gray pants with a belt and black business shoes.

Role in the episode

Dr. Green was The Center's former biologist and scientist, but his position was terminated due to his constant unauthorized experiments. Some time later, Dr. Green kidnapped Java and manipulated his DNA, hypnotizing him as his "slave" in an attempt to collect gold from an ancient temple in Mohenjo-Daro. After nearly being eaten by Nadu, the Spirit of Darkness, he was later arrested by The Center.