Darla Simmons is the stereotypical nerd girl of Torrington Academy and one of the major characters of the animated series, Martin Mystery. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.


She is most noticeable by her clothes, her appearance, and even the way she carries her books. For one particular episode, Curse of the Looking Glass, she became Darlene, a very beautiful girl whose looks were irresistible to other males, however, the drawback of her wish was that every boy she touched was turned into a crispangore, and only self-esteem tips from Diana convinced Darla to reverse her wish and she later got the courage to ask out a guy she liked.

Physical appearance

Darla is slender with fair skin, green eyes, long red-brown hair, and normal pink lips.

As a stereotypical nerd girl, she wears pink glasses, pink long-sleeved jacket with medium pink, white and gray borders on her V-neck and short sleeves and a white collared long sleeved shirt, raspberry skirt with a light pink border and primrose Mary Jane shoes with white socks.

Also, as a beautiful girl whose looks were irresistible to other males, she wears a robin's egg blue and pink bordered (with a ribbon) half-sleeved strapless shirt with her belly showing, a robin's egg skirt that wears a pink belt with a white heart symbol in it and long and short robin's egg blue socks with pink boots. She carries a primrose plum-purple school bag and she no longer wears glasses.


  • She appears frequently as a background character for the third season.
  • She has made a cameo in Totally Spies: The Movie.