Curse of the Six-String Serenade is the twenty-first episode of the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on February 20, 2006.


Martin, Billy, and Java start their own band to attract the girls. But Martin finds out that his new electric guitar is possessed which transforms his girl fans into love monsters.


Martin, Billy, and Java start their own band (known as the Sophisticates) to attract the girls and their first gig is Diana's Modern Low Tea Society, who only members are girls. But when Martin's new electric guitar caused all the girls in the club to fall for him (Minus Diana) he must run from them as they are transform into love monsters, while at the same time running from some of the girls' ex-boyfriends who want to hurt Martin.





  • Darla
  • Heidi
  • Principal Pebbleton (mentioned)


  • Love Monsters (Fairy versions of Torrington's female students, formerly)

Gadgets Used


  • I-Cutter
  • Legendex
  • X-Rod


  • This is the first and only episode to have a song, including "I'm a Chick Magnet" performed by Martin, Billy and Java known as the Sophisticates.
  • This is the only episode that M.O.M. has been absent and also mentioned by Billy.