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Crispangores are woodland creatures. Legend says a sad woman was given a magic mirror by a Crispangore. She wished to be beautiful and it came true. However, she started to turn every man she touched into a Crispangore and the only way to change them back was by reversing the wish but she wanted to be desired so much that she didn't reverse her wish in time. She thought she could control them, but instead ended up being their meal.
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Martin turned into a crispangore

In Curse Of The Looking Glass, a lonely girl named Darla Simmons wished to be beautiful while holding the mirror. This turned her into a more beautiful girl, named Darlene. However, she turned boys into Crispangores. Martin went to investigate, but was accidentally turned into a Crispangore by Darlene.

Billy and Diana found Darlene and convinced her to change herself back. She refused because nobody would ever want to talk to Darla- she wasn't Darlene. The Crispangores she chained broke free of their restraints and chased them out to the roof. Diana finally convinced Darla that she didn't need to be Darlene to get a guy to like her and wished herself back, turning the Crispangores back to their human forms. She then threw the mirror down and it broke into pieces.