The CIHL (Creature Intelligence Hybrd Laboratory) is a paranormal investigation agency specialized in genetic experimentation. Its rival agency is The Center. It only appears in the series finale.



The agency was founded by Octavia Paine, a former Center agent who was fired for getting a bad evaluation with the purpose of getting revenge on the Center and M.O.M..

Appareance in the Series

After Diana Lombard, another agent of the center, also got a bad evaluation, The CIHL sent her an invitation to join the agency, although she dismissed it at first, she became convinced after the agency sent a limousine to pick her up to their headbase, there she became facinated by the campus and she met the agency's dean, Octavia Paine who convinced her by lying that the agency's initials stand by "Creative Institute of Higher Learning", giving her own U-Watch and promising to have advanced years over her classmates.

On a test mission, armed with CIHL weapons and gadgets, Diana was sent to capture an Octopus creature in a forest, which she did before her stepbrother Martin Mystery (character) could do so.

Later, Octavia congrulated Diana for her success and appointed her as a full time agent of the CIHL, and lied to her saying that the agency's purpose was to get humans and creatures coexisting peacefully and that was done by correcting their behavior in their laboratory and assigned Diana her first real mission: to capture a creature in a swamp.

In the swamp, Diana succefully captured the creature and brought it to the CIHL, where Octavia revealed to Diana her and the agency's true colors and that they were using her to capture the most powerful creatures and combine their powers to create an Ultimate Monster, and when Diana started to fight aganist the agency, Octavia imprisoned her in the mutation machine and turned her into a half-girl, half-lizard mutant.

Later, Octavia went to the center with her monster to get revenge on M.O.M., but although they caused great damage to The Center, Octavia was eventually arrested and her monster was sent to another dimension through a portal opened by Diana's U-Watch.