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Martin Mystery had been aired in Canada on YTV and Discovery Kids in English and on VRAK.TV in French since 2003. In May 2005, Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network began to air Martin Mystery as well, Nickelodeon removed Martin Mystery from their line up in August 2005.

It was temporarily replaced by Sabrina: The Animated Series and was returned on the line up. Its airing schedule was changed from Monday to Friday to Thursday and Friday as Disney's The Emperor's New School airs from Monday to Wednesday. This January, it was totally removed from the weekday line up. It currently airs on Disney Channel Asia every weekend mornings and now also weekday aftertoons right after "Totally Spies!".

The show is produced by Marathon Production (a French television production company based in Paris), which also produces Totally Spies! and Team Galaxy. Like Totally Spies!, Martin Mystery takes on a style of anime-influenced animation, although which it is produced in Europe.

In other markets

MBC 3 and ART 3 broadcast this show in Arabic (with the voice talents of Mo'awad Ismail as Martin and Mariam El Khesht as Diana. Martin Mystery began airing on Disney Channel in 2004 during its weekday afternoon line-up.


DVD Releases

  • Martin Mystery: The Complete Series, released August 22, 2006