Beatrice is a student at the Scopes Institute and a one-time character and anti-villain of the episode, The Third Eye from the second season of the animated series, Martin Mystery.

Role in the episode

At the Scopes Institute (known as Scopes Academy for the Blind), Beatrice was really upset when her boyfriend, Russell broke up with her. She goes to The Seers' temple every night to be alone, however she was put on restriction when she was caught by a teacher for sneaking out of school at night. One day, in The Seers' temple, she found a medallion that contained a member of the cult while the other twelve are sealed in the temple. She performed a spell that allow the spirit of the cult to possess her body and a third eye to grow on her forehead.

She started acting so strange and takes revenge on the people that caused her suffering. A janitor in her school saw a projection her third eye made of her boyfriend getting blasted down the stairs. Later, it turns out that projected the future when Beatrice's boyfriend got blasted down the stairs by her.

Martin, Diana, Marvin used the U-Watch to see that Beatrice is behind it. Marvin found the room and Beatrice performed the spell. They saw a projection of a statue falling on Beatrice's teacher. They ran out and Marvin saved her. She told them about Beatrice and pointed them to The Seers' temple.

They meet Beatrice there, she escaped down a gate in the ground. Martin, Diana and Marvin managed to find her. But Beatrice took their ability to see. Marvin managed to snatch her medallion, but got possessed by the spirit and got the third eye. He realized the other members of The Seers only to be snatched away by them as they all want his body.

Since the medallion serves as their guide, Martin, with the help of Diana and Beatrice captured Marvin in the U-Net and let the medallion rise into the sky with the spirits. The medallion was destroyed along with the spirits of The Seers. She later sniffs out Marvin wearing "Dangeroo Cologne".